We’re excited to announce our three main tracks for EntreFEST 2019: Developer, Innovator, and Entrepreneur. We want you to experience all of the content we have to offer, and this is how we’re organizing it to help you better find the content you want.

Developer Track

Developers are the brains behind the keyboards of startups, small companies, and large corporations who make sure that mobile, web, and cloud software are operational and user-friendly. Whether you’re working on emerging technologies and techniques or building a software product or an e-commerce site, you’re a developer.

Innovator Track

Innovators are the traditional business employees or leaders who think outside the box, and who consistently strive for new ideas, culture, and tactics to improve their organization. You embody an innovative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit while working inside an established company to drive meaningful change.

Innovator Track Sponsor: Alliant Energy

Why Alliant Energy is supporting the Innovator Track: “As the speed of change and technology increase, so does our need to see and prepare further into the future. Innovation and fresh thinking are critical to the future success of companies in our region and around the world. We’re excited to help facilitate discussions on innovation and change at this year’s NewBoCo EntreFEST. Together, we’ll forge a sustainable future that’s ready to adapt and innovate to meet our needs and goals.”

Entrepreneur Track

Entrepreneurs have an idea and build a business, from Main Street to Wall Street. Whether you’re a business staple in your community or running a side hustle in the evenings or working on a startup, you’re an entrepreneur.