A New Education Paradigm
Entrepreneurs, business and community leaders, parents and leading educators are all chanting the same mantra, ‘Schools are not preparing students for the world they will face!’ Yet nothing substantive changes as educators and communities tinker around the edges of a dead model inside an obsolete paradigm. The needed change in education isn’t about tools or processes or practices or even better community engagement. The needed change in education is PARADIGMATIC. Like any good entrepreneur and business person knows, if you aren’t willing to design from a blank sheet of paper, you can’t create something entirely new. In this session, educational entrepreneur and co-founder of the nationally-renowned Iowa BIG program, Trace Pickering, will shed light on the paradigmatic problem we collectively face: attempting to tweak a model built for standardization, efficiency, the sorting out of the ‘smart’ from the ‘not-so-smart,’ and the transfer of (then) hard-to-access facts and information to one producing outcomes diametrically opposite these. Come hear how Iowa BIG is a living example of this new education paradigm and what we can do to accelerate the transition from a “school-centric” paradigm to a “learner-centric” paradigm.