Positioning Yourself for Success in the Face of the Future
What differentiates successful products? How can innovators anticipate the near term impacts of emerging technologies and position their product strategy efforts for maximum impact?
Moreover, how do successful companies communicate the value of new products and the full potential of emerging technologies convincingly to new audiences?

Tellart is an award-winning design studio that works at the bleeding edge of emerging technologies—collaborating with product manufacturers, global brands, cultural institutions, and even governments to explore the near future and invent tomorrow’s transformative products and services.

Through selected case studies of recent work for Toyota, the Dubai Future Foundation, and Google, Tellart’s CEO, Nick Scappaticci, will demonstrate core principles for successful product development and communication learned from two decades of practice as a leading design consultancy operating at the frontier of emerging technologies.

Emerging Tech in Business Panel
The continued advancement in technology is providing new and exciting opportunities in business. It can also cause a lot of confusion and worse, a damaging professional misstep. Our panel of experts in the field will help attendees navigate these new opportunities and how they can be utilized in all sectors of business.