How to win trust in a faithless society.
Sounds pretty heavy, I know – but the good news is:

1. This talk will be funny.
2. This talk will be truthful.
3. This talk will be useful.

Comedy is a coping mechanism. Literally, comedy is the injection of irony into a scenario that might otherwise bring us down. We’ve heard often that comedy = tragedy + time. That adage, however, predates the Internet. I’m not sure that we have time to let tragedies blend with perspective to result in a humorous take. We are processing difficult information – from natural disasters to man-made disasters – at such a rate that we can barely get over one news item before another one hits us square in the face.

Combine this pace with an unprecedented era of “Fake News,” and trust becomes seemingly impossible to establish.

What does this have to with entrepreneurship and innovation? Everything. A business can only succeed if it is trusted to deliver on its promise. If you’re an innovator, or an entrepreneur, how do YOU break through to your prospective customers? How do YOU win their trust in a faithless society? This is issue is at the heart of my talk.