EntreFEST Preview: Innovator Day

Friday, November 10, 2017

Innovators are the traditional business employees or leaders who think outside the box, who consistently strive for new ideas, culture and tactics to improve their organization.

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Roasters at NewBo City Market

Find an EntreFEST rep to get a name tag and check in while you enjoy a cup of coffee and light breakfast as we kick off the
EntreFEST Innovator Preview Day!


Case Study: Van Meter

Innovation Game: Research suggests that groups that engage in serious play at work are more innovative, more collaborative, and more productive. This is because we are hard-wired to express ourselves and interact with each other through play. This unique “learn-by-doing” model of instruction ensures that you will be able to put what you learn to work right away. 

Agile Mindset with Linda Barnes: Explore the importance of having the right mindset to success.

Agile Exercise with Eric Engelmann: Games and exercises are key to helping organizations switch towards a more agile mindset and behavior. Experiential learning is included in many Agile training workshops, leadership management workshops and during ongoing coaching and consulting.

12:00 PM LUNCH at Newbo City Market

Check out a variety of vendors for lunch options that fit your tastes!


Even though organizations are adopting more modern and efficient development practices (like Agile) they are still having trouble delivering what customers actually want or need. Product Design Manager and User Research expert Mat Winegarden will lead an interactive discussion on how companies can capture value and create products and services people love. This discussion will focus on the importance of including the “voice of the customer” and you’ll walk away with techniques and methods outlining how to integrate customer research and feedback into the entire product development lifecycle.

2:15 PM THE FLAME EXERCISE & TOUR with Mandy Webber

We tend to put band-aids or temporary fixes on things in place of getting to the root of the problem. You’ve probably done this, observed it being done or possibly even uncovered some band-aids in your job. This presentation will help us understand what’s lying beneath the surface or what may be driving decisions.

3:30 PM FIRESIDE CHAT with Mike McGrath

Join us for a Fireside Chat with Mike McGrath as he discusses his company, McGrath Powersports, a family owned dealership with over 35 employees, which specializes in the sales and service of new and used powersports motorcycles and equipment. McGrath Powersports is the largest motorcycle, ATV, UTV and snowmobile dealer in the area, was named the 2013 Dealer of the Year and is a five-time Top 100 Dealer.


At 4:00 pm on Friday, the gong chimes to kick off Whiskey Friday. A variety of whiskey and spirits will lubricate the conversations and keep the ideas moving. Network with local resources, discuss next steps and the future of our community and innovation.


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NewBo City Market, 1100 3rd St SE

Geonetric Building, 415 12th Ave SE