Visionary Day highlights

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EntreFEST is an opportunity each year to spend two days making new connections, discussing new ideas and applied business techniques, and learning from the best professional resources in the field. It wouldn’t be a progressive and thought-provoking conference without futurism, emerging technologies, and the predictive exercises determining what this means for your business. To bridge the gap between the spring … Read More

The Attendees of 2017

Jill WilkinsEntreFEST 20170 Comments

The speakers aren’t the only people we’re excited to get to know during the 2018 EntreFEST. Knowledge can also be gained from those in the community- the attendees. We know that the connections we make this year, as with past years, will be lasting and beneficial. Browse through the photo series of last year’s community (courtesy of Jami Milne and … Read More

The Gazette’s Conversation with 2017 Keynote Speaker

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Last year’s Keynote Speaker was the founder of Warby Parker, Neil Blumenthal. He offered some awesome advice during his talk. Thinking back on his presentation, we can’t wait to see what new things we can learn from our speakers this year! There are so many inspiring speakers that will help get our minds moving towards new, innovative ideas. Be sure … Read More

The Highlights of EntreFEST

Laura KaidenEntreFEST 20170 Comments

When you spend several months immersed in the details of a project- both from a birds’ eye and microscopic view- it’s hard to take a step back and appreciate how it came together. As planners that means you are hosting tap takeovers, VR demonstrations, industry-disrupting keynotes from 1,000+ miles away, and unclogging toilets simultaneously, rarely allowing the opportunity to enjoy … Read More

Press Citizen “Can’t Miss” list

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The Press Citizen covered the “Can’t Miss” events at EntreFEST 2017, and we couldn’t agree more. There were a lot of highlights, but these were the ones that rose to the top, especially for local attendees. But if we did our job correctly, each attendee you’d meet would have a slightly different list of their highlights. While you can’t make … Read More

EntrePREP for EntreFEST 2017

Jessalyn HoldcraftEntreFEST 20170 Comments

Happy EntreWEEK! In less than 48 hours, we’ll kick off the EntreFUN on Wednesday morning with a special takeover of 1 Million Cups: EntreFEST Edition and then early registration at EntreFEST HQ starting at 4 p.m. Here are some quick last minute tips to properly EntrePREP for the EntreBEST conference + festival. There isn’t one! Okay, pants, shirt, and shoes … Read More

We all have a lot to learn at EntreFEST

Jill WilkinsEntreFEST 20170 Comments

Lon Olejniczak has more than 20 years of leading successful teams, including serving as the Senior Vice President at Transamerica and the Global Head of Talent Development at Aegon. He caught the mentoring bug last fall working with Iowa Startup Accelerator 2016 cohort teams, and now he’s a member of the EntreFEST Curation Team. Listen up as he tells us … Read More

Busting the Myths of EntreFEST 2017

Jill WilkinsEntreFEST 20170 Comments

Meet Laura and Jill! These power ladies are NewBoCo’s events specialists and the dynamic duo leading the planning and coordination of EntreFEST 2017. Listen up as they bust some of the biggest myths about EntreFEST. EntreFEST 2017: Busting the Myths from Iowa Startup Accelerator on Vimeo.