Instead of Conflict Resolution, Resolve to Make Conflict Productive
Workplace conflict is inevitable. And while it’s tempting to avoid these uncomfortable situations
altogether, there’s a much more effective solution.
Conflict doesn’t need to be destructive to workplace performance or relationships. In fact,
healthy conflict can actually be productive and even encouraged. Productive conflict can help
build stronger relationships, teams, and performance. Teams who engage in productive conflict
rely heavily on trust, and are better able to voice their opinions and concerns without fear,
anxiety, or stress. Employees who participate in productive conflict are more likely to commit to
change, hold themselves and others accountable to the goals of the team and company, and
get results.
This session will help learners effectively respond to the uncomfortable and inevitable
challenges of workplace conflict. This program is designed to help curb destructive behaviors so
that conflict can become productive, improving workplace relationships and business results.