Designing Your Organization’s Culture and Strategy For Innovation
When facing lagging earnings and declining product line performance, corporations are forced to choose between Innovation or Death. It’s an obvious choice on the surface, but death might just be less painful. Transforming the mindset of an entire organization is challenging, as the gravity of the status quo is strong. While innovation can be achieved in the absence of strong strategic alignment and cultural support, it will compete with the company’s core business in a way that is not sustainable. In this session, you will learn how top companies design and establish strategic imperatives and cultural norms that create an environment where innovation thrives.

Predictions For 2025 and Beyond: Incredible Technology Trends That Will Change Your World
Innovators and entrepreneurs must make every effort to meet the world where it’s going to be, or risk irrelevance. But, the tremendous pace of technological progress today makes it nearly impossible to keep up with all the changes. In categories such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, self-driving cars, robotics, renewable energy, and drone technology, to name just a few, we have recently experienced innovation at a pace which is virtually unfathomable. While looking back on recent achievements is amazing, projecting these advances forward is even more awe-inspiring. In this session, we will make projections based on recent histories of technological progress to gain insight into incredible ways the world may change by 2025 … and beyond.