Meet the 2018 Advisory Team

In order to grow and iterate each year, we push ourselves to find quality-rich, actionable content from well-known presenters. Our best opportunity for sourcing this caliber of presenters is by reaching into our engaged community of past EntreFEST attendees, speakers and supporters. We were able to identify a team that we respect and trust to help us fulfill our promise to deliver the 2018 attendees with the strongest programming possible.

Dana Larson
Executive Director of Communications and Marketing, University of Iowa Center for Advancement
Dana on LinkedIn
Matt Arnold
UX Director, ConnectFive
Matt on LinkedIn
Patrick Luensmann
Senior Program Manager, UNI Center for Business Growth and Innovation
Patrick on LinkedIn
John T. Meyer
CEO/Co-Founder, Lemonly
John on LinkedIn
Vanessa McDonald
Chief Development Officer, MetaCommunications
Vanessa on LinkedIn
Elizabeth Caven
Founder, UpCraft Club
Elizabeth on LinkedIn
Jessica Egli
Events Manager, Englert Theatre
Jessica on LinkedIn
Paul Kinghorn
Director of the Center for Business Growth & Innovation, University of Northern Iowa
Paul on LinkedIn
Christie Remley
Marketing Director, Entrepreneurial Development Center
Christie on LinkedIn
Amanda West
Community Builder & Co Founder, Seed Here Studio
Amanda on LinkedIn
Shonna Dorsey
VP of Sales and Marketing, AIM Institute
Shonna on LinkedIn
Sarah Binder
Ecosystem Builder and Digital Journalist, The Gazette
Sarah on LinkedIn
Josh Krakauer
CEO, Sculpt
Josh on LinkedIn
Scott Swenson
Regional Director, Kirkwood’s Small Business Development Center
Scott on LinkedIn
Jeff Slobotski
Founder, Router Ventures; VP of Business Development, Wave Interactive
Jeff on LinkedIn
Teresa Hay McMahon
Executive Director, Iowa Lean Consortium
Teresa on LinkedIn
Susan Clark
President/Owner, Clark Career Consulting Project Management; Facilitator, ISU's CIRAS
Susan on LinkedIn
Alicia Syrett
Founder and CEO, Pantegrion Capital
Alicia on LinkedIn
Steve Schulz
Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition, Rockwell Collins
Steve on LinkedIn
Lynn Allendorf
Managing Director, University of Iowa
Lynn on LinkedIn
Michelle Gnida
Area Manager & Master Trainer, Dale Carnegie Training
Michelle on LinkedIn
Tom Banta
Director of Strategic Growth, Iowa City Area Development Group
Tom on LinkedIn
Heather Gierut
Communications Director, Lepic-Kroeger REALTORS
Heather on LinkedIn
Ana Escalante McClain
Co-Owner & Business Manager, Lion Bridge Brewing Company
Ana on LinkedIn
Paul Singh
Co-Founder / Chief Hustler, Results Junkies
Paul on LinkedIn
Kate Beihl
Vice President of Marketing, Pear Deck
Kate on LinkedIn
Trevor Carlson
Director of Education, Helix Academy
Trevor on LinkedIn